Basketball In The New Year!

Posted: January 6, 2012 in Daily Updates

The 7-8, Junior, and Senior girls are going to Nakusp on Tuesday, January 10th for their first game of the season!

7-8 girls:

Coach: Mary-Ann Gould

Sponsor: Mr.Morton

Team: Jocey, Megan, Danika , Jessica, Haley, Morgan, and Jordan.

7-8 and Jr Boys:

Coach: Ms.Huser

Sponsor: Ms.Huser

Team: Hendrik, Jamie, Si, Leo Alex, Dylan, Jordan, and Ethan.

Sr girls:

Coach: Ms.Terpstra

Sponsor: Ms.Terpstra

Team: Darya, Kirsten, Darrian, Mandy, Paige, Maya, Kathleen, Cynthia, Jenny, and Jacy.

Sr Boys:

Coach: Russel Pedersen and Jacob Waterstreet

Sponsor: Jackie Huser

Team: Austin, Riley, Dakoda, Hendrik, Benny, Cody, and Brian.


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