Salmo Pride!

Posted: March 7, 2011 in Daily Updates

Here is the email Mr. Francis received:

I would like to thank you guys for attending the ski and snowboard event in Kimberley – your athletes were exceptional in both their attitudes and abilities. Some of the kids at this race really impressed me, yours included. It is apparent to me that some of our smaller communities are producing a generation of young people that we can all be proud of, both in the sporting arena, but even more importantly in everyday life. Your gang appeared to be having a ball, and were also very respectful to those that worked very hard to keep things rolling. It is a credit to you and your community. Oh ya, I guess I better let you know that you guys are the Provincial Combined Ski Champions (combined boys/girls ski team results). Yup, the best in the province. A banner for the gym wall, or maybe each kid can put it above the washing machine for a couple of weeks for the next year. Congrats, the banner will be mailed, and the results will be posted on the BC School Sports website as soon as possible. Sorry that we were so late in the points calculation and awards, but I only have 5 arms, 3 eyes and 2 computers. Thanks again for coming!


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